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That newborn baby feeling

That newborn feeling!

Nothing beats that newborn baby feeling, does it?

Analysing every inch of your baby’s body from the first moment you cradle them in your arms; the tiniest little perfect fingers, the slightly squashed-up facial features, skinny little legs.

Holding them in your arms, and holding their gaze as they focus intently on your face. That stare!

The unmistakable wail of a crying newborn baby; needy, desperate, but alive.

Being able to hold them in the palms of your hand. Or along the length of a man’s arm.

Cotton wool, top and tail baths, baby lotion, umbilical cord stumps, yellow poo.

Spending half an hour trying to bring up wind.

A fountain of wee in the middle of a nappy change.

The smell of their scalp, their hair.

Cuddles. Lots and lots of cuddles!

Tiny little clothes that still look too big, and are impossible to dress onto skinny little froggy legs!

Little grunts, whimpers and cries in their sleep.

Windy smiles, but smiles nonetheless. A glimpse of what’s to come :-)

Calming down when they hear your voice.

An unconditional and overwhelming feeling of love and joy, and a relentless cycle of nurturing and cherishing.

It’s over far too soon, so enjoy it while it lasts!

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